Tyrell Taylor (born June 27, 1995) better known as "Taylor Made”, is a 22-year-old music producer, recording artist, and songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Following in his older brother's footsteps Taylor has always enjoyed and practiced the art of songwriting since he was 7 years old. However, it was at 14 years old when he discovered "Fruity Loops" in his mom's collection of CD's while learning to reprogram his computer after a bad virus, Taylor's love for music grew even deeper. Taylor found "Fruity Loops" to be a funny title and curiously asked his mother about the program. After she explained to him that it was used to produce instrumentals, he was eager to learn more and downloaded it onto his PC. Bouncing back and forth between Camden, NJ and Philadelphia, PA, Taylor Made spent months teaching himself to make beats, downloading every sound package and plugin he could find. Before he knew it, he was producing for every local talent he knew in both cities! TTZ, Y.S.R, Lavish (known as YFF Lavish at the time), H.O.B Sheed, Fisbanga, and Swisha Tay (known as Tay Smilez at the time), are just a few local talents he's produced for. Within his first year of producing music he started writing lyrics to his own beats and going to his friend's basement studio to record. J. Solstice (known as J-Dice at the time), was Taylor’s go to guy for recording and mixing. It was obvious to friends and family that Taylor’s passions were deeper than just producing. He then started performing throughout the Tri-State area at local venues getting noticed by other local talents and even gaining some fans. What stood out to people the most was Taylor Made's outgoing personality and his ability to rock the crowd and network with almost anyone.


Sadly, after the death of his father, Taylor Made took a break from making music and worked at a local McDonalds to help support his mom through a tragic time. Living in a rough area surrounded by constant gang shootings, deaths, drugs, and prostitution, Taylor Made knew that he needed to do something to help get his mother and himself out of the rugged area. Unfortunately, it wasn't much he was able to do at that time making just minimum wage.  Close to a year later, he decided it was time to continue with his passion of producing and recording music while still working to support his mom.


In 2012 Taylor Made met producer/recording artist Curtis Drummond better known as "Carma Beatz". Taylor Made and Carma shared classes in high school together and developed a strong friendship. Before the two young stars knew it, they were working together on music and in August of 2013 Taylor Made released a project titled Code.X.95. Code.X.95 resulted in only 3,321 views, 120 streams, and 87 downloads. However, just five months later Taylor Made's second project produced almost entirely by CarmaBeatz titled "Live in Luxury" was released resulting in 32,804 views, 2,794 streams, and 973 downloads. Everyone was astonished by the results and months later Taylor Made was featured on Carma's "Legendary" various artist mixtape which resulted in 30,745 views, 8,330 streams, and 865 downloads! Taylor Made then continued releasing singles, performing throughout the tri-state area, networking, and collaborating with local artists such as, Tay Smilez, Lavish, Famou$, Pauly Piff, Young Savage, and OBH Razor. Taylor Made continued releasing singles, collaborating with others and getting back out there to network again. His song “Changes” which features his cousin, the lyrical MC, AT.Eaze and the Grammy considered, artist, Dell-P was posted on

Today, Taylor Made continues his legacy by going to his former high school and other schools in the community to speak with the youth about dealing with hardships, setting goals/milestones, and giving insight about what to look forward to after school. Taylor Made recently launched his own lifestyle brand titled "MADE" which stands for individuals whom are Motivated, Ambitious, Determined, and Empowering. Now at age 22, Taylor Made's life has given him enough flexibility to go full throttle with music. In 2017, Taylor Made was nominated Best New Wave Rapper by Urban Celebrity Magazine!

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